1 full time spot available in Christian early learning.  We are Google's highest rated Childcare in the area!  Click # to call now: (734) 652-5914.

Curriculum & Programs for Christian Early Learning

Our curriculum is focused on emphasizing Social, Emotional and Spiritual Development and is stylized to each child's individual learning needs.
Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness, Arts & Crafts, Early Readers, Letter & Number Learning, Tracing              Daily One-on-One Time, Manners & Early Social Etiquette,  Fun & Silly dance & Song, Toddler Time                    Christian Songs, Bible Verses learning, Telling Stories, Music. We learn by playing and play to learn!
We teach & encourace daily use of ASL Baby sign language (Baby Sign Language Link: Click here )
Your child will fall in love with Jesus, sing songs, dance, play and use their God given creativity to embrace life to it's fullest!
Christian Early Learning