contagious illness

We have a plan! We’re being super safe and yet not over-reactive, because, lets face it, Illness is destructive enough on it’s own. Here are some of the way’s we’re taking action:

● All pick up/drop off will take place inside, one family at a time. We try to do this quickly in order to comply with State and Local regulations. You and your children must wait in the car until the previous parent has left the driveway and you will then pull into the driveway and walk together with your child to the entrance. In case of drop off delay, parents are asked to call with any concerns.

● If anyone has any symptoms of a contagious sickness, they will be temporarily excluded from the program. For Covid-19, they will be expected to self-quarantine according to current Wayne County Health Department’s advice to this licensed facility. In cases of a contagious virus or infection, the person must self-quarantine until symptom free, without medication, for a minimum of 36 hours. We are required to report all contagious symptoms to the health department who may provide further instruction to the Daycare.

● Everyone is REQUIRED to ADVISE OF ACTUAL & POSSIBLE illness. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination.

● Anyone exhibiting symptoms or coming in contact with RSV, The FLU or a case of COVID-19 will be required to get tested prior to returning to this daycare.

● Parents and Children will sanitize hands upon arrival, we will also wash hands soon thereafter, before and after eating, after coming in from outside, and as needed (coughing, sneezing, mouthing hands, etc.). Children sing our handwashing song to help encourage washing for at least 20 seconds.

● Hand sanitizer will be available for use in various areas, including at the sign in station and will be available at all times.

● Toys that have been mouthed will be removed from the playing area and will be sanitized before other children are able to handle them again.

● Toys will be sanitized after children transition to another activity. A deeper cleaning will take place at the end of the day or following the last pick up.

● The Room purifier will be active. Windows will be opened often to allow airflow when the weather is appropriate.

● Items from home such as blankets and sleep stuffies are okay to bring. They will be sanitized before arrival by the parent. As usual they stay here during the week. They will be sent home to be washed each Friday by you. Anything here will be sanitized.

● Thermometers are sanitized after each family is screened. Touchless thermometers will be utilized when needed.

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