It’s a Partnership

Welcome… I understand the level of trust needed when enrolling your child in a Daycare Facility. That is why I commit myself to do my very best to provide your child with a loving, secure, comfortable and happy environment. I strive to create a comfortable place where your child will thrive and grow and be all he/she can be.  

I pledge to offer your child  heaping doses of encouragement, patience, and understanding in an atmosphere that emphasizes learning through play and love. I pledge to give your child daily opportunities to explore and learn about the world through multiple daily sensory experiences. I promise to value the uniqueness of your child and to strive to reinforce and complement your child’s home and family life.

Most of all, I desire to be partners with you in the care of your child. I welcome your comments, concerns and questions. I invite you to share your child’s early experiences by visiting and observing your child and by participating in daily activities whenever possible.

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